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North America #1 | £12

Five video game fans from South East London take a trip along the west coast of North America, visiting people and places connected to the medium. From founding figures and academics, to journalists, museums and new frontiers, this issue looks at video games in their variety of manifestations and reaching influences.


  • Nolan Bushnell
  • Richard Lemarchand
  • The Romeros
  • Raychul Moore
  • Scattle
  • The Made
  • IGN Entertainment
  • John Warner
  • Shape of the World
  • The Northways

IGN: A world of the web

“We got three triple-A games in just yesterday,” says Sam Claiborne as he briskly directs us into an empty conference room...

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Meeting a Founding Father

Electronic components, conductive tracks and plastic sheets; these are some of the things you find when peeking at the innards...

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Behind the Sinister Sounds

There was something unsettling about being in an empty playground with a bunch of camera equipment, waiting for a guy in a mask....

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