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“The ultimate
gamer road trip”

Future Lab, LS:N Global

We’re a small group of video game fans on a journey to explore video game culture around the world.

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Issue 1 : Los Angeles : San Francisco : Vancouver

Our mission is to tell human stories: Behind games are creators, communities and the connections in between. We want to document and celebrate the people who make video games their passion.

We’re creating something new and we want to tell why you should be excited, but it’s not quite ready yet.

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A few years ago we made this

Forerunner Magazine told the story of our trip across the west coast of North America. All of us - two writers, a designer, photographer and illustrator - came together to produce a product that looked at a variety of industry figures.

people met
cities visited
trains ridden
people visited

These are some of the people
we met along the way…

John & Brenda Romero

Galway, Ireland
Co-creator of DOOM,
and Designer of Wizardry 8

Nolan Bushnell

Los Angeles, USA
Founder of Atari


Los Angeles, USA
Former Lead Game Designer
at Naughty Dog


San Francisco, USA
Video game and entertainment media website

“Forerunner is one of the most exciting new publications I’ve seen in the UK in years, a product of infectious passion, enviable artistry and with some great insight into the world of video games. It’s a must for anyone with a love for the medium and the culture that surrounds it.”

Martin Robinson, Eurogamer

"Forerunner not only takes the art of magazine production seriously, with luxurious design, editorial and printing, it also takes video games and the people who make them seriously. A beautiful, and timely object."

Simon Parkin,  Author : The Death of Video Games

The next step

Forerunner Magazine proved to us that we had laid the foundation for something great. It pulled together our talents in ways we didn’t entirely foresee, while fulfilling the demands we set ourselves at the start of our venture. Feedback was encouragingly positive but planning our next move came with more than its fair share of hurdles. Regardless, the intervening years continued to remind us that we’d made something special; it was just a question of how to leverage what we had…

Team Forerunner is:
...and we’re creating
something new

We’re creating something new and we want to tell why you should be excited, but it’s not quite ready yet. Suffice it to say, if you liked our first issue you’ll enjoy what’s coming next. We’ll be launching a Kickstarter and revealing more in the months to come so please leave your details below if you want to stay updated!

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